Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ash from "Army Of Darkness" in WED clay

Here is the current state of this bust. Started out as younger "Evil Dead 2" version (which I will do as well) and morphed into the slightly older AOD Ash. Below is the scene that made me go in this direction. One of my favorite lines.  Still working on the expression and I've already got a more snarky look going with the brows raised up higher. I'll post newer pics shortly.

Robin Williams as Popeye

Something I haven't shown most people outside of Facebook. I started this sculpt a while back as it was meant to be a gift. Unfortunately he passed away while I was in the midst of contacting his agent in order to show it to him. It became very difficult to work on after that and it was shelved. I have recently pulled it back out for completion. This is an early photograph when I 1st started it.
Started a WED clay bust for a quick experiment in new material. This was a 1 day instructional with Jordu Schell that I followed along with to see how he tackles life busts. This is how the piece started out.
Progress report on one of 3 life busts I'm working on. Took a break as I awaited some glass eyes That I ordered. Fitting them now to check size and spacing. Might throw on some quick hair to help see how it's looking.